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Wandering Management

AiRISTA'S MONITRAC Wandering Management Solution aims at providing effective solutions to senior citizen elopement. Senior citizen elopement is defined as senior citizens' ability to leave their assisted living or nursing home without being detected. Elopement is increasingly dangerous because as the size of assisted living/nursing homes continues to grow the seniors who leave can go undetected for hours before any of the care givers notice they are missing. AiRISTA'S MONITRAC Wandering Management Solutions include features such as Departure Detection, Emergency Call Button, Quick View Displays and Mobile Alerts and Views.

Highlighted Features

Departure Detection and Near Door Notification

  • As part of the Wandering Management Solution, AiRISTA provides the ability to detect events such as resident movement towards exit doors equipped with AiRISTA's Wi-Fi Proximity/Door sensors.

Emergency Call Button

  • AiRISTA resident tags are equipped with a button that can be pressed by residents. The button(s) can be configured to provide different applications such as nurse call or emergency notification to available staff.

Automatic or Remote Door Lock

  • The AiRISTA Integrated Security Solution allows facilities to automatically lock doors to enforce policies in place for resident safety and security. Staff has the ability to remotely lock and unlock doors from the AiRISTA application console. Electronic keypads are optional.

Alarm, Security and Phone Systems Integration

  • In addition to the Door Lock feature, the Integrated Security Solution allows for integration between AiRISTA's solutions and existing phone systems and alarm security systems.

Quick View Display

  • AiRISTA's Quick View displays provide on-screen alerts with the location information of the events and can be installed throughout the facility, providing staff with information including floor maps, anywhere in real-time.

Mobile Alerts and Mobile View

  • Staff can receive resident status updates and alerts as well as viewing the location of residents, on their mobile devices.

Solution Benefits

  • Reduces Risk of Elopement
  • Increases Staff Efficiency
  • Preserves Resident Dignity
  • Scalable and Customizable
  • Uses existing Wi-Fi Network
  • Supports Many RFID Technologies
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Easy to Maintain and Deploy

AiRISTA Overview

AiRISTA develops and delivers turn-key real time location solutions incorporating active RFID, passive RFID, Wi-Fi RTLS, GPS and related wireless tracking & monitoring technologies.


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