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Real Time Messaging

AiRISTA Real Time Messaging Platform

Messaging1The Real Time Messaging Platform is designed to provide a reliable infrastructure and the conduit for the end-to-end exchange of messages among heterogeneous systems from the point of receipt to the point of delivery and every step along the path including protocol conversion and routing. The Platform supports transparent message exchange based on the asynchronous paradigm of publish/subscribe and synchronous paradigm of request/reply, while accommodating message broadcast and multicast.

From an architectural standpoint, AiRISTA's Real Time Messaging Platform was designed as a free-standing and independent platform. However, it provides the ideal backbone for AiRISTA's Identification & Location, Scheduling, Business Rule Engine and other platforms to communicate vital information (messages).

AiRISTA's Real Time Messaging Platform comes with all the benefits that are offered by comparable products from competing vendors, but at a fraction of the cost.

Message routing

Messages can be routed from sender to recipient based on the content of the message.

Design and create the run time

The work of routing messages takes place in a data interpreter/broker. Data interpreters contain a number of application execution groups; processes in which message flows are run.

Develop applications

After the system administrator has created and connected the components of the Real Time Messaging infrastructure, an application developer creates and modifies message flows using the APIs or designer provided for AiRISTA platforms and message queues.


A publishing application sends a message about a named data group to a data interpreter/broker. The broker passes the published message to those applications that have registered to receive messages for the data group. The publisher and the subscriber are unaware of the other's existence.

AiRISTA Overview

AiRISTA develops and delivers turn-key real time location solutions incorporating active RFID, passive RFID, Wi-Fi RTLS, GPS and related wireless tracking & monitoring technologies.


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