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Work Flow and Business Rule Engine

workflow3Organizations gravitate around their strengths and rely on core competencies to compete in the marketplace. Subject matter know how, reliable processes, and relationships with customers and suppliers serve as the main sources of competitive advantage. Business workflow is built around business process logic and business process management.

An organization's ability to capture real-time information on events, state of tasks and availability of resources will ultimately determine their effectiveness in addressing challenges and opportunities in the marketplace. Further, research has shown that automating routine decisions into a BRE at the enterprise level can reduce labor and administrative costs among other benefits.

AiRISTA BRE & Workflow Platform

AiRISTA's Business Rule Engine (BRE) can assist your organization in the integration of rules in business process management and workflow.

From an architectural standpoint, AiRISTA's BRE was designed as a free-standing and independent platform. However, the ability to seamlessly and effortlessly integrate with AiRISTA Identification and location platforms (AiRISTA RFID and AiRISTA RTLS) allows organizations to react on real-time information arriving on the identity, location and condition of enterprise assets and personnel.

  • Business Rule Engine – Messages arriving from devices on the plant or warehouse floor are mapped, based on device location and event type to configurable rules, which determine the business event that has occurred and what sequence of activities to execute.
  • Activities – Discrete programs perform a specific action such as validations, updates, and communications required to execute the business process. Activities contain parameters such as exception criteria and thresholds. Activities are based upon the Business Rule Developer APIs and tools, allowing modification of existing activities and creation of new activities to match organization requirements.
  • Routing engine – To facilitate automation of business processes, the interpreted data in AiRISTA's Auto-ID Infrastructure is mapped to the relevant business objects inside the AiRISTA and third party business applications, including the Asset Tracking and RTLS application. Using the mapping functionality of AiRISTA's RFID Platform, it is also possible to map to processes and data in non-AiRISTA applications.

AiRISTA Overview

AiRISTA develops and delivers turn-key real time location solutions incorporating active RFID, passive RFID, Wi-Fi RTLS, GPS and related wireless tracking & monitoring technologies.


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