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AiRISTA’s Healthcare Visibility Solution (HVS) is suited for various healthcare industry needs including real-time asset management, staff safety, improving patient flow, wireless logging, environmental condition monitoring, and...


Using AiRISTA's passive, active, and semi-passive RFID supply chain tracking tools, fixtures or pallets to tracking complete product assembly, all can be accomplished in real-time.

Assisted Living

AiRISTA’s Senior Living Solutions are designed to increase safety and security of residents and improve the efficiency in the operations of Assisted Living facilities. /rfid-wifi-rtls/active-rfid-systems.html



Oil and Gas



Mining and natural resource operations around the world are beginning to realize the tremendous benefits of real-time tracking systems utilizing RFID technologies. In this industry the ability to track personnel and assets, improve security, efficiency and productivity, all while ensuring personnel safety, is a necessity. AiRISTA's RFID, RTLS, GPS solutions empower organizations to automate the identification and control of equipment, assets, tools, and related processes. Additionally, AiRISTA RFID solutions deliver the unique ability to monitor raw material throughout the extraction process enabling organizations to be better informed and make more timely decisions.


Although on the most basic level, existing RTLS and RFID solutions offered by various companies may seem similar, on a technological level these differences are significant. AiRISTA has invested numerous hours of R&D and engineering into building robust solutions that meet the most stringent requirements. Security, scalability, redundancy, reliability, and intuitive user interface, combined with unparalleled precision, are built into all AiRISTA products designed for the healthcare industry.

Logistics and Transportation



Efficient logistics is a pre-requisite for successful commerce. Delays and errors in transportation of goods – raw materials, equipment, work in process and finished products from source to destination adversely affect quality of service and the bottom line in an already competitive environment. AiRISTA provides leading WiFi RFID, RTLS, GPS real-time tracking solutions to ensure around the clock management, location, tracking and monitoring of your mobile transportation assets with a robust and flexible means of alarms, notifications and reporting. Popular real time tracking solutions include asset tracking, business process management, fleet tracking and more.


AiRISTA's Wireless RTLS, GPS solutions for K-12 were designed to help school districts enhance the safety, security and visibility of their student population while making the most of their assets and resources. These solutions integrate RFID and GPS technologies to offer real-time and sustained visibility into the operations of schools' facilities and vehicles. Operational and administrative staff, educators, parents and students are all beneficiaries of the adoption of AiRISTA real time ID, location, access control, asset management and fleet tracking for K-12.

Assisted Living 



AiRISTA offers a variety of hardware for tracking and monitoring of residents within Senior Living facilities. AiRISTA's MONITRAC Senior Living Solutions are built on AiRISTA's Unified Visibility Solution platforms supporting multiple types of location determination engines for locating and tracking the residents throughout the facility, indoors and outdoors.


The government's use of RFID and related RTLS and AIDC technologies has been increasing as the benefits of enhanced visibility and accountability become more widely known. The government's constituents, you and I, are able to reap the rewards of this increased usage through better safety and security, higher quality goods, lower prices and greater convenience. Popular applications include RFID access control, shipment tracking, RFID container tracking, GPS tracking, asset tracking and prisoner tracking.


AiRISTA Overview

AiRISTA develops and delivers turn-key real time location solutions incorporating active RFID, passive RFID, Wi-Fi RTLS, GPS and related wireless tracking & monitoring technologies.


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